Mashail Future Trading Co.

Mashail Future Trading Co.

رقم الهاتف
رقم الموبايل
رقم الفاكس
رقم الواتس اب
العنوان Al Riyaddh - Al Morabaa district
موقع الكتروني Mashail Future Trading Co.

We provide
• International experience at Local Level
• Educated Staff
• Understanding of Customers Need
• Deep Tech. Support: Specs, Dwg’s, Design, & Installation
• After Sales Service & on-site support upon request (welding machines and jointing)

• Courses:
o Tailored to individual needs in piping systems.
o Consulting & training of all levels: Managers, Engineers, Technician, Plumper’s
o Comprehensive theoretical & practical training programs
o Many languages: Arabic, English., Urdu, French, German …etc.

Our products & Services
• PE100 Piping Systems (Electro Fusion & Butt Fusion Fittings)
• PE100 valves (Gate, Ball, Air Release, Diaphragm Valves)
• DI valves (Gate, Butterfly, Check, Air Release valves), DI fittings & accessories
• Mechanical solutions for all piping material (Plastic and Metal)
• Network operation and troubleshooting solutions
• Welding Machines (EF, BF, Tools, and Accessories)
• Rentals of Welding Machines (with or without plumper’s)

Our products applications
• LPG/NPG Gas (outdoor underground networks)
• Water Networks
• Fire Fighting (FM Approved)
• Chilled Water
• Irrigation
• Drainage Systems
• Sewage Systems

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