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Elogic Commerce

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Elogic is an end-to-end ecommerce development agency that builds, designs, and optimizes online stores since 2009.

With a well-coordinated team of 100+ certified developers, Elogic serves its customers worldwide no matter the type of ecommerce business (B2B, B2C, DTC, marketplaces, and wholesale) or their operational domain (fashion, luxury goods, industrial automation, and other ecommerce niches). We help our clients implement disruptive ecommerce solutions that address their unique business needs and simplify operational complexity.

Our main areas of expertise include Adobe Commerce (aka Magento), Shopify, BigCommerce, Salesforce, and Commercetools.

We are passionate about the success of your project and secure engagement on a wide range of services:
End-to-end development: Develop custom design, extensions, or an entire ecommerce website from scratch.
Team extension: Hire ecommerce developers.
Consulting: Evaluate your choice of technologies and the areas of improvement, especially for B2B and enterprise companies.
Optimization: Speed up your website, conduct code audit, and get help with support & maintenance of your store.
Integration: Connect any third-party service to your website and automate your work processes.
Replatforming: Migrate your ecommerce store from the obsolete legacy platform to a more future-proof solution.

The professionalism of Elogic Commerce and our commitment to brand success have won us a number of awards: Top Ecommerce Developers by Clutch (2022), Top Ecommerce Development Company by GoodFirms, Magento Community Engineering Award by Imagine (2022), Top Ecommerce Developers by ITFirms (2022).

🤝 We deliver solutions that become an essential part of your success. Start your ecommerce project with us by emailing office@elogic.co.

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